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Tell Us: What’s the Worst News You’ve Had to Deliver?

This morning, I had to deliver bad news to my dad. My mom's hemoglobin number dropped, which means she's probably bleeding again. They have to give her another pint of ...
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Tell Us: What’s Been Traumatic for You?

We think of trauma as something that affects our carees. I think we experience trauma, too, because of what we see happen to our carees. After watching my mom fall ...
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Denise asked in a recent post, what has been traumatic for us as caregivers. I thought about this a bit. Although one specific incident did come to mind, for me I ...

My Forced Vacation at Club Med

It's Thursday, 4 a.m. My alarm goes off and I rise but feel so tired. I had an argument with Gregg the day before, never really resolving it before we ...

These Are the Days to Hold Onto, Cause We Won’t Although We’ll Want to

I took a walk last night where my mom and I used to go. We used to walk the neighborhood every day, sometimes twice a day if she had more ...

A Dream

"Wouldn't it be great if there were such a thing as a caregiver retreat? Carees go one way and family caregivers go another. There are many complications and details that ...

One More Time

Grandpa came to me in a dream the other day. He was sitting in his wheelchair at the dinner table. I was a few feet away from him. I said, ...

Health Care Choices

When my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2004, I asked him about getting a second opinion, about taking advantage of the incredible university hospital systems we have in ...

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In Six Words, Tell Us About You

You wrote me such beautiful six-word stories about, well, me. Now, it's your turn. Tell us about yourself in six words. Share as many six-word stories about yourself as you'd ...
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In Six Words, What’s Your Story About Loss?

You watch your caree loss the ability to function as he or she once did. You experience your own losses--in time, relationships, careers, opportunities. In this six-word story, I'd love ...
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