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Tell Us: What’s the Worst News You’ve Had to Deliver?

This morning, I had to deliver bad news to my dad. My mom's hemoglobin number dropped, which means she's probably bleeding again. They have to give her another pint of ...
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Tell Us: What’s Been Traumatic for You?

We think of trauma as something that affects our carees. I think we experience trauma, too, because of what we see happen to our carees. After watching my mom fall ...
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These Are the Days to Hold Onto, Cause We Won’t Although We’ll Want to

I took a walk last night where my mom and I used to go. We used to walk the neighborhood every day, sometimes twice a day if she had more ...

A Dream

"Wouldn't it be great if there were such a thing as a caregiver retreat? Carees go one way and family caregivers go another. There are many complications and details that ...

One More Time

Grandpa came to me in a dream the other day. He was sitting in his wheelchair at the dinner table. I was a few feet away from him. I said, ...

Health Care Choices

When my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2004, I asked him about getting a second opinion, about taking advantage of the incredible university hospital systems we have in ...
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A Trip to See a Friend

Elly and Mary have been friends an awfully long, long time. They went to church together before they both retired. After Sunday School, they would go out to lunch and ...

Just Take It

Because it's not enough to have two parents with issues, my engine light went on in my car on Wednesday. I'm at the car dealership now having my car checked ...

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Our Six-Word Stories


In Six Words, Tell Us About You

You wrote me such beautiful six-word stories about, well, me. Now, it's your turn. Tell us about yourself in six words. Share as many six-word stories about yourself as you'd ...
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In Six Words, What’s Your Story About Loss?

You watch your caree loss the ability to function as he or she once did. You experience your own losses--in time, relationships, careers, opportunities. In this six-word story, I'd love ...
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