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Tell Us: But Why Don’t They Help?

We regularly talk about family member and friends disappearing during our caregiving experience. We think we'll have their help until we just can't seem to find them. They're gone.Sure, they ...
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Tell Us: Do You Feel Abandoned?

We've talked a lot about the loneliness and isolation of caregiving.Chris (@oscargal) shared an article on our Facebook fan page today with the headline, "Unpaid caregivers say they are abandoned ...
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They finally took Gregg into rehab! And, better yet, he is just three minutes away from me. No more driving downtown!Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. God is ...

I Used to Love Roller Coasters

Ups and downs! Highs and lows! What a thrill ride it was! But now, as a family caregiver, roller coaster rides have an all too different feel to it. The ...

Get Your Self-Care Plan: Week of October 4

Every Thursday, we have a care plan ready for you so you’re ready on Sunday to implement your plan.Each care plan also includes a new intention to build on what ...

Don’t You Miss The Books?

Ordering books for the Kindle lately on CareGiving.com set me thinking about a time when all books had pages made of paper. My husband   had large collection of bibles ...

I Am A Rock. I Am An Island.

Or so I thought, ever since my mom passed away last month. Recalling her life at the end, viewing the graphic pictures of her last days, disposing of her belongings, ...

Difficult Conversations

I wasn't feeling good, well, haven't for about two weeks now, the coughing, blowing of nose and interrupted sleep from the bad smokey air in our area has got me ...

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In Six Words, What’s a Lonely Caregiving Moment?

We've had lonely moments in our life. But there's something about a lonely moment during a caregiving experience. You're alone, wrapped in helplessness, viewing a sea of hopelessness.It's awful.So, for ...

In Six Words, What’s a Good Caregiving Moment?

We endure the difficult moments during caregiving.Today, let's celebrate the good ones.In six words, tell us your good caregiving moments, like this: Mom says, "Thank you for everything." Share your six-word stories ...
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