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Tell Us: Which Day Do You Dread?

This morning, I connected with a mom who cares for her daughter, diagnosed at 9 with glaucoma.Her daughter is doing well and receiving terrific care from one of our local ...
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Tell Us: But Why Don’t They Help?

We regularly talk about family member and friends disappearing during our caregiving experience. We think we'll have their help until we just can't seem to find them. They're gone.Sure, they ...
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A Positive Caregiving Moment in Video

This is a video of my mother-in-law and P. I love this video because it shows what a patient, loving caregiver P was to his mom. My mother-in-law had a ...

Get Your Self-Care Plan: Week of Oct. 11

Every Thursday, we have a care plan ready for you so you’re ready on Sunday to implement your plan.Each care plan also includes a new intention to build on what ...

Welcoming the Night

My New Years resolution was that I would do some exercise every day. I have not done a good job of keeping that resolution, but I did go for a ...
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Next: Relief, Over, Tomorrow

Our next three words for our Community Caregiving Journal are:Relief Over TomorrowYou can write about each separately in three separate posts. You can write about all three in one post. You can ...

FTD Awareness

This week is world awareness of my husband's illness, frontotemporal degeneration (FTD).I wanted to blog briefly to share a link to an 18-minute video created by The Association for FTD ...
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We may so fear the future that we unknowingly give up our present.We may fear a future fall or decline or crisis. So, we stop, we stay in one spot--right ...

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In Six Words, What’s a Lonely Caregiving Moment?

We've had lonely moments in our life. But there's something about a lonely moment during a caregiving experience. You're alone, wrapped in helplessness, viewing a sea of hopelessness.It's awful.So, for ...

In Six Words, What’s a Good Caregiving Moment?

We endure the difficult moments during caregiving.Today, let's celebrate the good ones.In six words, tell us your good caregiving moments, like this: Mom says, "Thank you for everything." Share your six-word stories ...
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