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Tell Us: What’s Your Greatest Family Disagreement?

Recently, I wrote about my disagreement with a sibling about which hospital could provide the best care for my mom. I'd love to know: What's been your greatest disagreement about ...
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Tell Us: What’s Been Your Biggest Surprise?

At some point during caregiving, you've been taken by surprise. Maybe a family member or friend who you thought would be supportive simply disappears. Or perhaps someone who was a ...
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The Remains of the Day

A hearing aid battery, the top from a bottle of eye drops, an eyebrow pencil, and a curler pin. How do you sum up a life? I think these do ...

The Tear

So many tears during caregiving. My dad sheds tears over his diagnosis and about my mom's setbacks. My mom cries over how much she's lost and how much she has ...
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Radonitsa for a Foster Son

Were you sitting in the oak tree last night? I thought I saw you, white wings and twinkling eyes, long legs folded, yet ready for flight. And then you were ...
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“A Long, Long Time Ago Yesterday”

A week ago, I was trying to get a handle on what I needed to do. It felt like days since my best friend died. In fact is was less ...

Depression and Addiction–the Serious Article

There are blog articles to come which show my mother when she was in mental health crises. I use humor because otherwise, I tend to get angry. That is something ...


Sometimes, I think caregiving is like one big wink. You've got a day off planned. Caregiving winks and says, Not so fast. You've got help lined up. Caregiving winks and ...
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In Six Words, What’s Your Story of Forgiveness?

During a caregiving experience, we see people at their best and at their worst. We also show others our best and our worst. And, so because the worst often confronts ...
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In Six Words, What’s the Daily Caregiving Grind?

On Sunday, we met on Twitter to discuss the daily caregiving grind. As we shared during our chat, I thought, "We could write some great six-word stories about the caregiving ...
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