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Tell Us: How Would You Describe Your Quality of Life?

On Friday, a nurse practitioner asked my dad, "On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best it can be and 1 being the worst it can ...
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Tell Us: What’s Your Greatest Family Disagreement?

Recently, I wrote about my disagreement with a sibling about which hospital could provide the best care for my mom. I'd love to know: What's been your greatest disagreement about ...
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Mood Music

"I'VE SEEN FIRE AND I'VE SEEN RAIN. I'VE SEEN SUNNY DAYS THAT I THOUGHT WOULD NEVER COME AGAIN..." The music blared out, full volume, from the stereo speakers. I was ...

I Just Want to Understand

It's human nature to want to know the answers, to know the why's and the why nots, to solve the mysteries. I keep mulling over the course of my friend's ...

Comfort Food

8/21/15 I just got home from doing my parents' grocery shopping. Usually, my dad comes along, but today he wasn't feeling up to it. Instead, he just gave me his ...

The Remains of the Day

A hearing aid battery, the top from a bottle of eye drops, an eyebrow pencil, and a curler pin. How do you sum up a life? I think these do ...

The Tear

So many tears during caregiving. My dad sheds tears over his diagnosis and about my mom's setbacks. My mom cries over how much she's lost and how much she has ...
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Caregiving Journey: Duty

Duty. It's one of my least favorite words. I am reminded of my Girl Scout pledge: "On my honor I will try to do my duty to God and my ...

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In Six Words, What’s a Blessing?

Lately, I'm focusing way too much on my challenges. All this focus on what's not going right is making me feel cursed. I'd much rather feel blessed. So, for this ...
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In Six Words, What’s Your Story of Forgiveness?

During a caregiving experience, we see people at their best and at their worst. We also show others our best and our worst. And, so because the worst often confronts ...
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