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Does the Paid Caregiver Need a Commercial License?

Dear Denise,

I have been told by my dad’s insurance that his caregiver (who is paid) has to have a commercial license from DMV to drive my dad’s car and drive my dad around. One person at insurance never mentioned it, another did.

I am getting conflicting info and they are saying that the caregiver should have a commercial license to drive his own car for my dad’s needs?


I have worked as a caregiver through an agency and driven clients but I never had a commercial license. In addition, I have worked at an agency that provided caregivers who drove clients–and we never required them to have a commercial license.

To be on the safe side, I would call the insurance company again and asked if your father’s policy covers another driver. If they say the caregiver must have a commercial license, ask to receive a copy of the policy that states this. In addition, call the agency providing the caregiver. They’ll be able to tell you how other clients manage insurance coverage for a caregiver who provides transportation.

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  1. lilly of the valley

    Dear Denise:

    You do not need a (commercial) license to drive your client around. If you drive, you just have to make sure you have car insurance.

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