Stay Home: Resources to Get a Break Right Where You Are

Some days, it feels great to get out of the house. It’s wonderful to hop in the car,  drive away, and leave it all behind. And, then there are some days when staying at home to take a break is just what the doctor ordered. You don’t have to shower, change out of pajamas, or even brush your teeth. You can enjoy a break at home, even with your caree at home.

Products made specifically to occupy a caree so a family caregiver can get a break are available from several companies, among them:

Collector’s Choice Music:
Purchase your caree’s favorite music, including Big Band, classical/opera and soundtracks. Also available are old radio shows. Visit or call 800-993-6344.

Innovative Caregiving Resources: Researchers from the Gerontology Center at the University of Utah concluded that video respites work-and developed their own series as result. The videos are now available through an unrelated company, Innovative Caregiving Resources. Videos cater to a wide range of carees; in “Ladies…Let’s Chat” female carees will enjoy a visit with Diane and her  grandchildren and in  “Lunchbreak with Tony” male carees take a lunch break and discuss first cars and stick ball.  Other videos are geared toward specific ethnicities (Hispanic, African Americans, Jewish) and toward holidays, such as Christmas. For more information, visit or call 1-800-249-5600 .

NASCO: Its online catalog, at, features products to captivate your caree. You’ll products for persons with Alzheimer’s, as well as puzzles, games, sing-a-long videos and arts and crafts. You’ll want to peruse this company’s catalog and/or web site; it offers great ideas on how to keep you caree occupied with meaningful activities. Call for catalog: 800-558-9595.

Alzheimer’s Store: You’ll find products that keep your caree occupied and safe. Products are categorized by stages (Early Stage, Middle Stage and Later Stage), wandering, safety, forgetfulness. Visit or call 800-752-3238.

If we’ve missed any resources, please be sure to share!

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2 thoughts on “Stay Home: Resources to Get a Break Right Where You Are

  1. Susan

    Thank you for this wonderful list of resources. I was actually looking for a 2009 documentary film on Alzheimer’s and the arts called “I Remember Better When I Paint”. Have ended up finding it on amazon. Had a chance to see this film at a screening in LA and wanted to purchase as an inspirational gift for some friends who taking care of a loved one with AD. If anyone else is interested, here is link to film at amazon:

  2. William Ward

    I love the idea behind this article. It’s great advise, and it’s principle factors have helped me get through so many days.
    For me, I’m lucky in that after I get my Dad up and ready for the day, I give hime the newspaper. This will occupy him for at least 2 hours. I usually try to get some excercise during this time.
    There is always a way.


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