Help a Hospice Nurse: What Product Do You Use for Personal Care?

I received the following email this morning from a hospice nurse, who requested your help:

I am trying to find out if there is a product out there to help caregivers pull a patient up in the bed, or turn them from side to side, or change a Depends when the patient can’t help and there is no one else to help. I am a hospice nurse who has many patients who need to do this and don’t have anyone to help them.

Please post any products you use that help you provide personal care in our comments section. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Help a Hospice Nurse: What Product Do You Use for Personal Care?

  1. Donna Webb

    Everything she is talking about requires the caregiver doing the physical act. I know of no gadget or device to do these things. I would go to the head of the bed, get a hold of mom under her arms and slide her up a bit. Turning here side to side, that is what I did, by hand. If I needed to move her a bit I would either get my hands around her mid section and bottom and slide her over, or sometimes slide her on the blue pad she was on. As for the diaper, I would pull up a new one to her knees or thighs, cut the sides of the old one, clean her up remove the old, which meant rolling her side to side, once removed pull up the clean one and again roll her side to side till I had it up. I did these things by myself, no equipment or anything, none is available as far as I know, nothing was ever suggested by our hospice nurse.

  2. Kay Balsley

    I use a King size bed sheet under neath and pull up with that My husband is still able to turn from side to side so we are not at that point yet that he can”t help just a little bit We use Depends Adjustable side tabs on them so much easier than pull ups and with a belly Cath you have to use Adjustable”s to do the change with I also have a large size towel over sheet where he sits them I use the towel to help roll him over you can pull the sides of it Hope you have gotten the help you needed I see this was a yr ago But maybe this information helps someone else


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