Happy Saturday!

Donna Webb joined us today on Table Talk; you can listen to our discussion via the player below.

Toward the end of our discussion, I asked Donna, who’s mom died August 16: Knowing what you know now, what would tell the Donna you were three years ago?

Her answer: Be tenacious in finding help.

So, today be tenacious in finding help and accepting happiness in your day. Tell us how you’ll be happy. And, tell us about your Halloween plans.

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Oct 30, 2010

I enjoyed the show very much. Donna, thank you for the nudge about finding help. We have 2 ladies that we have used, from a Senior Home Care Co., for about 2 years. Recently, it has become very apparent that my mother can no longer stay alone for more than an hour or so. My team members list needs to grow! I hate the idea of finding, indoctrinating, and sharing our home with additional help, which all begin as strangers. I know spontaneous outings are dimming, but I think with added help, one or two Saturdays a month may be able to turn into a family time away from the house. More adjustments needed, but through “nudges” like these, I know they are possible. :)

Today was a fun day! Rees and Marah were in costume and able to walk in the Halloween parade here. Marah did several dances along the way! I think she wants to sleep in her costume for trick or treating tomorrow night.(: I’ll post a picture–if she wears her costume to sleep in, a bigger bed is needed!