How Do You Manage Bad Weather?

I’m in Chicago, which today is in the path of a bad weather system covering 2,100 miles. Our blizzard warning goes into effect today at 3 p.m. and will last 24 hours.

In normal situations, bad weather becomes an inconvenience. Add in the life storm of caregiving and bad weather can be an incredible challenge. Perhaps you care for your spouse and your aging parent, who lives alone; how do you ensure both have what they need? Perhaps your caree lives where the bad weather will hit; how do you make sure he or she will be safe? Perhaps you live five miles from your caree, but in a blizzard five miles might as well as be 500 miles; where do you spend the night—your house or your caree’s house? And, perhaps you rely on service providers¬† to help care for your caree; how will you manage if the bad weather keeps the help away?

We’ve got some resources to help:

I’d love to know: How do you manage caregiving when bad weather hits? What’s your bad weather plan? And, what tips and suggestions can you share that will help fellow family caregivers? Please share in our comments section, below.

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One thought on “How Do You Manage Bad Weather?

  1. Shon Ingram

    Since I am a geriatric care manager here in TN, I usually begin before the weather is in the area calling my clients to make sure they have medicines, food and other supplies to last them through the bad weather. I make sure they have paid their heating and power bills. I arrange for someone to come clean off their sidewalks if they still live at home.

    The best piece of advice I can give to caregivers is to have a plan in place and be diligent in watching the weather and planning ahead for any emergencies.


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