CareGifters: Funding Solutions for Kristin

As you know, caregiving can be a financial strain. So, to help family caregivers, I’ve launched an initiative called CareGifters. (You can learn more at its website,

Each month, I’ll highlight a family caregiver in need and ask you to help out by donating $5. (Your donation is not tax deductible at this time. I’m working on it, though.) The goal is to raise $500.

Our first family caregiver we can help is Kristin, who blogs here. She cares for Mary, a family friend.

I’ve asked Kristin to share her three top challenges; they are (in her words):

1. Financial: I live on social security and receive no pay for caring for Mary. Because Mary lives out in the country, I am required to have a 4WD vehicle, which eats up about 1/2 of my SS. I have dental pain and need a pair of shoes that actually have soles on them.

2. 24/7 care with very little support: This is an area with virtually no services for homebound folks who do not qualify for Hospice, and Mary does not make enough to hire aides. I spend days at a time in isolation except for Mary and our cats. Burnout is always just around the corner, and I will likely have to do this for many more years.

3. Learning how to deal effectively with a woman who is still with-it enough to almost be able to do her ADLs independently, especially in regard to her colostomy bag. Because she can’t, but thinks she can, getting her to allow me to help is a constant challenge.

I also asked Kristin to share how $500 will help:

  • I can resolve #1 by going to the dentist and buying a pair of shoes.
  • I can at least relieve #2 by using the money to hire an aide a couple of times a month to come in and relieve me of chores, so that I can get out, go to a coffee house, an Audubon meeting, a lecture, anything public where there are people who can carry on a normal, adult conversation.

After Kristin receives her $500, she’ll share how she used it and its impact on and Your Caregiving Journey talk show.

You can donate below. CareGifters is operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, a charitable organization. We use PayPal to process your donation. (Please note: The Center for Family Caregivers does not currently have tax exempt status with the IRS so donations are not tax deductible.)

And, if you are a family caregiver in need and would like to be considered in the future to receive CareGifters funds, fill out the application here.

Thank you so much for your support. You are a gift to a family caregiver!

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6 Comments on "CareGifters: Funding Solutions for Kristin"

Mar 16, 2011

Denise, This is a great idea and I’m sure you will help a lot of people with this. I will donate but it occurs to me that although the $500 will definitely help Kristin with immediate needs, it seems long term help is needed as well. Is it possible to share the state (maybe even the county) Kristin lives in? I don’t like dealing with red tape but I’ve become pretty good at slogging through it and finding assistance programs. I might be able to come up with some long term help for Kristin. No promises but I’m willing to give it a try.

Mar 16, 2011

Great idea, Denise!

Mar 16, 2011

What a wonderful idea, Denise!

Kay Balsley
Apr 19, 2011

like this idea extra cash maybe for a caregiver to take a break or as simply as getting her hair would be a treat for someone If you would give an address I would send a check every so often when I was able to as a donation for this Its a well worth cause to be able to add to this project to help lift another caregivers spirits

Profile photo of BreeAnna
Feb 24, 2012

I love this idea!! I know I would be donating when I could but right now I can’t!