What Will You Always Keep?

Yesterday, on Your Caregiving Journey, Judith joined me talk about her love story with Nelson and the difficult news they heard last week. You can listen to our show via the player below.

During our discussion, Judith shared how she stays healthy. She also said she knows that she may have to adjust some the of the activities as Nelson’s care needs increase. Her exception? Yoga.

So, I’d love to know: What’s your one activity or hobby that you plan to always keep, no matter how much caregiving intensifies? Please share in our comments section, below.


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  • Our next show about forgiveness airs Tuesday, March 8, at 11:30 a.m. CT (12:30 p.m. ET, 9:30 a.m PT). Kim Atchley, coauthor of When Your Aging Parent Needs Care: Practical Help for this Season of Life, will share the story of forgiveness for her mom, who was an alcoholic during Kim’s childhood.

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5 thoughts on “What Will You Always Keep?

  1. Bette

    Judith, I enjoyed getting to know you and Nelson a little better. Thank you for sharing your story. The committment you have to each other is a love story in itself.

    I began regular exercise-swimming-in the fall. In February the pool was closed quite a bit for swim meets and I really could feel a difference.

    In all that may go on here in a given day, I will continue to swim. It makes such a difference to me physically and emotionally.

  2. Kristin

    The treadmill will never go, no matter what. It sits in front of a window that looks out across our valley to the hills beyond. I watch the seasons change, the light change throughout the day, and listen to meditation CDs. Even if I only have 10 minutes, I do this every day.

  3. Trish

    Judith and Denise, I wasn’t able to listen to the show yesterday but did listen tonight. I was so touched by your story, Judith and could learn a lot from you. (note to Denise: you do such a good job making the interviews seem like we’re just sitting around a table!).

    The one thing I wouldn’t give up is writing. I can feel a difference in my whole outlook when I get things down on paper. Lately, I have done a terrible job in taking care of myself and listening to Judith reminds me how important it is to do so (for me and those around me).

    Thanks to you both for a wonderful program. (and I’d love to have Nelson’s recipe for those enchiladas!). :-)

  4. Lori Ray

    I agree with Trish in all the things she said. Every since middle-school, my writing has been a true blessing for me. It is one thing I will keep.


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