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This morning on Your Caregiving Journey, Holly, who cares for her husband, joined me for Table Talk. Today, we talked about planning for the future when the future seem so fuzzy. You can listen to our show via the player below.

Holly offered a suggestion she learned in a leadership book by John Maxwell:

  • Focus 5% of your thoughts on the past.
  • Focus 5% of your thoughts on the future.
  • Focus 90% of your thoughts on the present.

We spoke about what this means for Holly and how this helps her prepare for the future. The worry about the future takes you away from the blessing of the today, which makes each day harder to manage. Interesting how that works.

We also discussed how she handles when others bring a worry about her future to her. In other words, how does she manage when others ask her, “How much longer can you do this?” (You know the question–you have people ask their own variation of this.)

After listening to our show, please share your comments, below. How will our discussion help you manage your thoughts about your future?

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One thought on “Think 90%

  1. Bette

    I enjoyed this show very much!

    Thank you Holly for your honesty about maybe “needing more” one day.

    I appreciated Dave’s reminder of enjoying his moment of looking forward to errands and exploring.

    Thank you again for sharing. I continue to learn the importance of being in the moment.


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