Poll: What Would You Like the MD to Ask YOU?

You have a relationship with your caree’s physician, but often it can feel one-sided. You ask, he or she answers. Wouldn’t it be great if the doctor took time to ask you? In this week’s poll, sponsored by Caregiving.com and eCareDiary.com, we ask: What would you like the doctor to ask you?

Vote below and share any additional thoughts in our comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Poll: What Would You Like the MD to Ask YOU?

  1. Avatar of DebbieDebbie

    I posted “Other” and said – How are you doing?

    That’s one thing I never hear.
    Everyone asks how is hubby and kids, or just how is hubby.

    Never “how are you doing?”

    The doc visits i do go on, for hubby, we wait for hours, then i end up having to leave to drive an hour to make sure someone is home for the kids to get off the bus.
    So many times indigent care, is nothing care, the docs make you wait, and then have no answers to help.

    If i were able to choose more than one selection, i would have also chosen:

    How can I help?
    How well are you sleeping?
    How much help do you have?
    What’s your emotional outlet?
    When was the last time you had time for yourself?
    What can we do better to help you?

  2. G-J

    The first doctor I took my Dad to always made a point to ask me how I was doing. That made such a difference in how I felt about the doctor! I felt like someone who didn’t have to cared about me and it made such a difference! Not one doctor since, for my Dad or my husband has ever asked how I am doing.

  3. Chet Bailey

    I go to all of my wife’s appointments, and coordinate all of her medical care. No doctor has every asked whether I am getting help. My doctor, who is also her primary care doctor, was even very concerned about the toll the stress was taking on me. All he said was “I know there isn’t much you can do about the stress at home, so talk to your boss about reducing your stress at work.” Now, after starting to get help, I realize that he should have made sure I was getting help.

  4. Avatar of NatalieNatalie

    While not all of my husband’s doctors are like our GP, I was thrilled the last time I saw him that he spent quite a bit of time asking me about me and how I was doing and how we were coping. It was nice to be able to share honestly with him. He even gave suggestions on various ways for me to get encouragement.


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