You didn’t receive a diagnosis but it sure can feel like you’ve received a jail sentence.

Sentenced by caregiving.

In what seems like a minute, caregiving has taken away your privileges: Your freedom, your flexibility, your future. And, it’s put you in what feels like the tiniest room in the world: A room full of supplies, equipment, devices and medications you never knew existed. In this tiny room, there’s no room for you. Or, so it feels.

It’s like living in a jail without any chance for early release for good behavior.

And, then, just when you think: I’m going batty behind these walls, you see a glimpse of the sun. You see hope. You see your purpose. It all clicks for you. You gain the perspective that shows you why you care. You see that the jail really is a very special holding place. And, you hold the place for your caree. Every time you bathe or feed or comfort, you hold the place.

Because, some day, your caree will move to the next place. You will be grateful to know that, in what seemed to be tiniest room in the world, you and your caree held places. You’ll see your jail was really heaven on earth.


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Jun 15, 2011

This was lovely, Denise. Thank you.