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Poll: Do You Get Help So You Can Take a Break?

In this week’s poll, sponsored by and, we ask about whether or not you get hire (hired or volunteer) so that you can take a break from caregiving.

Please vote below and share any additional thoughts in our comments section, below.


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  1. I cannot afford to pay for someone to come watch my husband, and then have money for me to do something besides! And, I can’t even find anyone willing to come to my house to watch him anyhow!

  2. Avatar of Debbie

    I am with Francine, I don’t have the money to hire a private at home health aid or a nurse.
    No insurance, so they say it all has to come out of pocket.

    I can’t even get someone to come and take the kids to the park for a few hours, so no luck getting someone to look in on a grown man.

    No Break for me, unless it’s a uninterrupted bath for 20 minutes.

  3. Avatar of Natalie

    I’m fortunate to have family in town and also while my husband can not be left alone with our young children he is able to be home alone or while the kids are sleeping. I’m able to slip out to the store or for time with friends when the kids are asleep. However I know it is a difficult thing for people who either have no family (helpful family that is) nearby or don’t have the money.

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