Table Talk: Kristin

Kristin, who cares for a family friend (Mary) and was our very first CareGifters recipient, joined me this morning for Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

You’ll love listening to Kristin, who shares how she became Mary’s family caregiver. Mary, most likely the victim of a traumatic childhood, had abused her children; as adults, her children could not care for Mary. Kristin stepped up to help and moved in to care for Mary.

At the show’s end, she described how she learned compassion from a person incapable of being compassionate. We’re going to continue this discussion when Kristin joins me for another show on Wednesday, June 29, at 9 a.m. CT (10 a.m. ET, 7 a.m. PT); she’ll also share the safety system she developed which keeps Mary safe in the house while she’s out gardening.

And, during the show, Kristin told us about receiving the CareGifters funds, how she used them and what a difference they made for her. The arrival of those funds was truly a miracle. Thanks so much to all who donated!

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One thought on “Table Talk: Kristin

  1. Bette

    Hi Kristen,
    I enjoyed listening to the show and getting to know you a little better. I’m so glad for the ways that CareGifters gave you that “boost” that you were in such need of.

    I’m looking forward to the show on the 29th and in learning more about the compassion you spoke of, and the safety precautions that you have put together for Mary.

    You are a wonderful friend to this family Kristen. They are so blessed to have you – as is Mary.


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