Facing Reality After a Break

Wow, did I get behind!! I meant to post a recap of Saturday’s talk show on Sunday. Well, just for a few moments we’ll consider today to be Sunday.

So, yesterday (wink), Holly, who cares for her husband, joined me for our monthly chat as part of Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey. Last month, Holly and I talked about taking a break and really taking a break, without packing along worry. As we ended that show, Holly began to talk about the return from the break and the return to reality. And, that’s where we picked up with yesterday’s show.

A break from caregiving also means a break from the reality of caregiving. The breaks ends and wham!, you’ll plopped right back into a reality that demands and dictates. How do you adjust?

Holly shared some tips, including allowing herself time to adjust to reality by scheduling help for the first full day she’s back. And, she also reminds herself that the adjustment is normal, that she can give herself time to adjust because she will adjust.

What tips can you add? How do you adjust back to the life of caregiving when you’ve had a break from it? Please share your thoughts and suggestions in our comments, below.


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One thought on “Facing Reality After a Break

  1. Bette

    I enjoyed this show very much. The tips, along with knowing the difficulty in returning is normal, gives the added reassurance when returning from a break can seem so desolate…knowing it’s okay to be sad for a few days definitely helps with the adjustment time.

    Recently what’s been helpful for me, is to remind myself of another break that I have coming up. That gives the reality a bit of lightness.

    Thank you Denise and Holly – this was very helpful.


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