How Do You Rate Against Non-Caregiving Peers?

The New York Times Old Age blog featured an interesting story yesterday (Caregiving’s Hidden Benefits).

Caregiving has some interesting benefits. Consider:

1. Family caregivers have a lower mortality rate than non-caregivers.

2. Family caregivers are physically stronger than non-caregivers.

3. Family caregivers scored better on memory tests than non-caregivers.

4. Caregiving can lengthen your life. (You can listen to my 2009 talk show interview with the researcher who research offered this conclusion here.)

Let’s do an informal poll: Consider your friends, family members and colleagues who are non-caregivers. How do you feel your mental, physical and spiritual health compares to them? Please cast your vote in our poll, below. And, feel free to share any thoughts in our comments. (And, be sure to listen to the 2009 talk show; you’ll find it very interesting).


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