Nicole’s Big Decision…

Nicole made a big decision in her life and while it may seem like no big deal to others for her I’m sure this must have been huge. Nicole was starting to get headaches… I thought oh, please, don’t let something else be wrong. I noticed that her forehead sinuses (which I believe are the frontal sinuses) have developed as this is where the headaches would originate. Nicole had a different opinion. Nicole has very long hair that reached her bottom… basically she could sit on it. It has taken her whole life to get it that long. She’s only had it cut once (other than a trim) when we had a bout of lice when she was in third grade or so. Her reasoning was her hair was giving her the headaches. She has been blessed/cursed with a lot of hair whether it is length or thickness.

Nicole decided that she wanted to get it cut. She didn’t want a trim either. She wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love which is an organization that provides wigs (from human hair) for children up to 18 who have lost theirs for whatever reason. The criteria is you must have 10 inches of hair to donate.

We headed for Great Clips which will cut your hair free of charge when you donate it. It was very emotional for me as I watched them cut 12 inches of her hair. She is very happy with her decision though and I hope that this will give her the encouragement and confidence that she needs to know that she can make good decisions.

I was upset because I didn’t take a picture of her right before she got it cut because I thought I had others but then when I looked back not really. This is the after picture.

Jane~mom to Nicole, 17 yo, VSD, PAH, Eisenmengers, BHJS

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Oct 9, 2011

What a generous and sweet gift Nicole gave to others! I think sometimes those who are going through difficut times are the most compassionate to others. I am sure it helps her also to help others. Bravo for Nicole!

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Oct 9, 2011

I love the picture!! Nicole is so very beautiful! What a wonderful day for her yesterday; there’s nothing like knowing you make a difference.

Just as an aside: For many years, I changed my hairstyle every time I got a haircut (every six weeks or so). I’d plopped in the chair and my stylist would cut based on her inspiration and whim. Just recently, my stylist has encouraged to grow my hair long (long for me, anyway). This summer, I had a “sub” cut my hair. We agreed on just a trim. As she cut, though, I could tell she was trimming quite a bit. I remember thinking: Oh, she’s cutting all my hair! It was a quite distressing moment. We do get quite attached to our hair.

So, I totally understand why this is a such a big decision! Kudos to Nicole for truly giving of herself. :)

Oct 9, 2011

What a great picture! Nicole looks gorgeous & happy. :-) I can’t get over how long Nicole’s hair still is even after lopping off 12 inches! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get my hair as long as Nicole’s “short” haircut. :-) That was awesome of Nicole to be so generous and to be creative in thinking of ways to help her own health. I hope the headaches have gotten better!

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Oct 9, 2011

Hi Jane,
Nicole made a great decision. What a gift she gave. She should feel very proud.