Never a Dull Moment

Last Friday Mom was released from the hospital. It seems that day at 3 p.m. we found out her Medicaid was not recertified. We were under the impression that the prior nursing home had taken care of everything and we never received anything in the mail stating she needed to be recertified. Apparently it needed to be done in May. I have no idea who has been picking up the costs since then and we haven’t received any bills so I am not complaining but to have to go through that process again is disturbing especially when you think someone else has taken care of everything.

We were told yesterday that the only thing that might lapse is her transportation back and forth to dialysis and we may have to foot the bill until she gets recertified and then Medicaid will pay us back but this costs hundreds of dollars. Do they think that everyone has the ability to just whip out cash to pay for these things? I am so annoyed right now that my head is spinning. Yesterday I had the worst headache between my mom calling me every two minutes for something that the aides could have helped her with, the financing department of the nursing home and the social worker of the nursing home and there’s also my job.

On top of all this Mom was told she can have her old room back which was a private room or to have a roommate on another floor which is near the nurses’ station. She opted for the roommate and also that floor was more her speed. Now Mom doesn’t want to stay there, complains every day to me about the roommate (this is only since Friday) and the food.

I am so tired, I don’t eat right lately, haven’t slept much, everyone keeps telling me I look tired (like I don’t have a mirror) and this was the week I was supposed to be on my cruise which I canceled because of Mom’s condition. I am glad that she is out of the hospital but tired and angry that I have to always be the one to pick up the pieces. It just doesn’t seem to end.

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Dec 6, 2011

Hi Meryl:

I’m so sorry for all the stress that you have been under. You know you have to take care of yourself before you mom. I’m also sorry that you had to cancel your cruise.

I have the same feelings … I am always the one to pick up the pieces and take care of everything without any help from anybody.

I hope that you are able to get some much needed rest and a nice meal.

Jane~mom to Nicole, 17 yo, VSD, PAH, Eisenmengers, BHJS
“If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

Dec 6, 2011

Thank you Jane. I guess it all comes with the territory right? For once I just want someone else to take my place so I can rest and relax and not be on the go all the time. It’s so exhausting!

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Dec 7, 2011

Hi Meryl, ARGH! So frustrating. You must feel like a top that gets spun too much. I am so sorry about the cruise. I hope that you will be able to reschedule it–you certainly deserve the chance to rest and relax before your busy season begins at work. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hoping you have a calm day today.

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Dec 7, 2011

Hi Meryl,
I’m so sorry – “it doesn’t seem to end” – You’re doing a wonderful job though. You have so many things to balance with your mom’s care – and then thinking about your own job, why wouldn’t you be tired…I hope you are able to find some time this week-end for yourself, even a half a day (or an hour or so) can do wonders, if you can let your mind rest too (:

Please keep us updated and please try to rest a bit this week-end. Take Care Meryl.

Dec 8, 2011

Meryl, Oh my gosh – I like Denise’s analogy of the top spinning. Never ending! I hope you get some rest soon and things quiet down with your mom. Thinking of you and sending hugs!