Two weeks ago Mom and I were supposed to have our girls day out to spend time together outside of the nursing home. Unfortunately she was hospitalized then and couldn’t make it so we decided to take a “raincheck” for another day. Today was that day. Mom looked wonderful. I get nervous saying that she looks good because every time I do, something happens but I am not thinking about that today. For today I am enjoying my day with her.

Mom had her hair done this morning before I arrived, we went to the diner to eat where everyone made her feel so comfortable and then she had her nails done. It was too chilly of a day to stay out and walk but the weather was good enough for her to walk a short distance.

When it was time to bring her back to the home, I saw Mom’s face. She started to get upset and doesn’t want to go back there. She is having a hard time at 72 being in a nursing home and I tried to explain to her that some things are beyond our control and if she was able to be home, she would have. I left off with her having a great big smile on her face and knowing that we will do this more often.

We have a date for next Saturday if she is feeling up to it..hopefully we won’t need another raincheck.

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    Your day sounded awesome and loved the picture. Best of all you made her smile. I bet in that moment you were smiling too. Hoping for great next ‘date’!

    • Thank you Jo! Yes it was a day of smiling! Not too many days like that lately and I took advantage of it! She wants to go out again today for dinner so hopefully it will be another smiley day!

  2. I’m so glad you had this great day with your mom and am impressed by your ability to soothe her as she transitioned back into the nursing home. Here’s to more pleasant outings for the two of you!

    • Thank you Kristen! It wasn’t easy to do believe me. To try and find the words and tell her that she needs to go back there because I can’t help her and bring her home is really hard but she is getting the care she needs and it’s beyond my control.

  3. Meryl, I am so glad your day with your Mom went well! Maybe these outings with you will make things easier for your Mom because she’ll be able to look forward to them and won’t feel the need to call you quite so often.

    I hope you don’t have a snow day next weekend!

    • Thanks G-J! I highly doubt that she will call me less. Mom has been very dependent on me for as long as I can remember. I am the one who makes all the pieces fall into place for her that she or no one else can do.

      I thought about when I blogged about wishing this would stop and then I realized that wanting it to stop would mean it was over and not in a good way and I guess I need to put it into perspective. There will always be good and bad times but it’s all how we deal with it. I am hoping to take her out today if possible and continue with those happy feelings!

  4. Your mom looks great, Meryl! What a relief it must have been for you to be able to calm her down once you got back from your wonderful day and give her something to look forward to. I also admire how you push aside those worries about the future and enjoy the moment. I think I need to go get my nails done now! Sounds fun. :-)

  5. Thanks Trish! Oh I wish that were true that I push aside the worries! I am a complete worry wart and it’s become worse as all of this has been transpiring. It’s so hard to not think about what is going to happen in the future when you constantly are pushed back and forth in the negative. It’s nice to have a little positive in between! Enjoy your manicure!

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    I commend you for looking beyond the moment to the future. While it might have been tough you made a very positive moment for your mom, family and yourself. What a positive note forward for you and big HUGS too!


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