Sometimes, the struggle in your life can feel like hole in the toe of your sock when you’re wearing boots on a snowy day.

It’s irritating, uncomfortable and aggravating.

In the moment, it also seems unsolvable, like it will last forever. Like you will always be walking in your boots in the snow as your toe sticks out of your sock.

Of course, the hole in the sock can be a quick fix. You can sew the sock back together. Or, you can discard the socks and buy another pair.

Oh, if only the hole in your life could be fixed with needle and thread. Or a simple toss into the trash.

Closing your life’s hole does take a steady hand and a watchful eye. Be steady in your approach to solutions and help; don’t give up. And, be watchful of the state of your heart, welcoming support and love while letting go of bitterness and resentment so the hole doesn’t grow.

We can heal the hole in our life during our struggles. And, when we come out of our struggles, we’ll see that our holes heal to form our quilt of life, fastened by our threads of triumph. It will become the warmest quilt we’ll ever own.

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