Where Do You Shop for Caregiving Supplies?

About eight years ago, I met with a larger retailer (think bull’s-eye) and an incontinence product manufacturer. The manufacturer suggested that the retailer become a more attractive shopping experience for family caregivers and asked me to meet with their staff to share ideas. We talked about products to add and a store layout to modify so shopping with a caree in a wheelchair could be easier.

Nothing changed in the stores as a result of the meeting. But so much has happened in our communities. Perhaps the shopping experience hasn’t changed yet, but the number of family caregivers continues to grow (National Alliance for Caregiving estimates you number about 66 million in the U.S.).

So, I wonder: Where do you shop for caregiving supplies (incontinence products, clothes, personal care items, medications)? Which stores (in your community and online) keep you as a customer? Have you found one store (in your community or online) where you can purchase all the supplies you need? How can stores better meet your needs? Share your thoughts in our comments section, below, and vote in our poll.


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    Krogers for his prescriptions.
    Walmarts for supplies and one over the counter medication purchased for pain in high quantity,
    The internet for supplies.
    A family drugstore for supplies paid by voucher.
    CCS Medical for his catheter supplies.

    The ideal store for me would be one that would accomodate my husband in a wheelchair, and sell everything from his esoteric supplies to the mainstream supplies…not at “above” normal cost and even take vouchers. …But I like the moon and the stars too!!!

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    Amazon for us.
    I have learned what “shut in” means so the freedom to go to the store and shop around is very limited. I can stay in my jammies and shop on line. I’ve run across some really good deals for our needs too :)

  3. We get pull-ups at BJ’s, prescriptions at Rite-Aid (no choice there; they’ve run all the independents out), and colostomy supplies at a local independent medical supply place. Some meds come through Hospice. Though we don’t take Mary out, there is w/c access in all stores we use.

  4. I don’t really have to buy incontinence supplies for Nicole except for baby wipes and/or cottonelle wipes.

    I do get her prescriptions at Publix (grocery store) and shop at Target and Walmart for over the counter vitamins etc.

    If I need O2 supplies and can’t get them from the O2 company I will go ahead and order them on the internet. I just purchased another 7 day pill organizer with morning, noon, evening and bedtime this morning on the internet. I hope this works better than the one I got at Target as it pops open and I lose pills. The new one slides. I saw a lady at Gainesville yesterday for Nicole’s quarterly PH appointment that had a nice pill box but I was to scared/timid to ask her where she got it.

    Jane ~ mom to Nicole, 17 yo, VSD, PAH, Eisenmengers, BHJS
    “If you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change the way that you think about it.”

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    I wish there was one store that supplied all of our incontinence needs.

    We use HDIS for all incontinence products including disposable bed pads.

    I recently found a cute ‘jumpsuit’ (we now have three) from Buck and Buck online (thank you so much Denise for this resource).

    And, for prescriptions we go to Walmart – as an added bonus, they have a drive-thru for the pharmacy area. (:

  6. I use Target for Robert’s personal care needs (such as razors, toothpaste, etc.)as well as his supply of 7-Up. Side note: I recently switched to the smaller bottles so that he doesn’t drink as much soda and he didn’t even complain! :-)

    The care facility orders his briefs & sheet pads & meds. I’m not happy with the briefs because they leak through at night so I’m on a quest to find one that works. I ordered some through Dignity Medical and will try those out. I’ve found some at CVS that are pull-ups but have velcro tabs on the sides to make them tighter. What seems to be working best so far is wearing those + a pad insert + a regular pull up brief + less fluids before bedtime! :-)

    I was purchasing his walkers at CVS but they weren’t sturdy enough. I used one of Denise’s sponsors (US Medical) and bought him a really heavy-duty one (with a cup holder, thank you very much) and it’s working out great!

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    Have you thought of using Depends? They do make one with velcro tabs that you can tighten, they hold alot of water & you can usually find coupons for them. Another idea is a condom catheter with a bag. This is not a 100% perfect system but it works with my husband about 97% of the time. I also use a sort of velcro wrap around one of his legs to keep it from pulling off. You may also want to look into fabric underpads/chucks/bed pads (variety of names) as those are washable.


    I don’t know what you are looking for in a pill box…but the nicest I found for my husband are at Krogers. He has issues with dexterity so the bigger boxes help him yet lock very tight and the kind I get are for 4 times a day for a week.

    The Roaring Mouse

    • Roaring Mouse, We do use the pull up Depends with the Velcro from CVS. Our store just started carrying them about a month ago. Not wanting to go the condom catheter route as that’s not necessary right now. He’s able to use the restroom but sometimes the signal from his body to his brain is a tad slow, which is why there are accidents. The trouble I’m finding is the volume is too much for even the super duper absorbent briefs. The pad insert has been helping with that. Thanks for the tips though! :-)

  8. We manufacturer an extensive line of first aid kits, cabinets and supplies. We also network through private distributors nation wide that opperate service vans. They would be more than happy to deliver first aid supplies to your home with no service fee. Our products are traditionaly used by other manufacturing companies so they are industrial strength and cost the same or even less than at the big box stores.

    Feel free to call and I will get you in touch with your local distributor.


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