Brief LTD Update

Regarding the post, “Have Disabled Spouse, Will Not Divorce,” I just wanted you to know that I was sent a note by the Congressman’s aide and they are reading the items. They have thanked me and are looking forward to more.

Thank you all. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, I finally sent in my application for the Institute program. I’m praying I can pull it off even though there is no respite for this.

Thank you for your ideas for the EP fair. I’ve shared them ever so briefly with my counterpart and another person and they like them. My meetings on this start Monday. I’ll keep you posted.

Big hugs! I’m off to do taxes! Thank you Jane!!!!!

Tomorrow I am hoping to participate in a disaster drill.


The Roaring Mouse

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    Thanks so much, RM, for keeping us posted. You have an amazing ability to accomplish–it’s really quite remarkable. I also believe that these accomplishments are adding up to something wonderful for you. :)

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    TAXES? I did those last year, do I have to do them again. I’ll start Monday :-)

    Thanks RM for the link. Part of my role as Caregiver is also the financial affairs of my parents. Two sets of Federal taxes each year, multiple states, does not equal fun. I have professional help and it still isn’t fun.

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    Thanks for your words of encouragement…it’s what keeps me going.
    Denise, I’ll add more to your comments in my next blog….”Vulnerable.”
    Ejourneys – You are most welcome!
    Jo- This is the first time since hubby’s accident that we’ve gotten them done on time…so I can totally relate! Bette Jo – I promise!

    I don’t know how I accomplish …I think it’s insanity! :-p

    Roaring Mouse


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