It’s Janet’s Day

Update!! Within two hours of posting this, we received the funds we needed to send Janet $500. Thanks so much to all who help!!

Today, it’s Janet Day! We’re raising $500 for Janet, our seventh CareGifters recipient, so she can hire help for her husband while she recovers from cancer surgery. Through CareGifters, we work to give $500 to a family caregiver so he or she can resolve a challenge.

Our goal is to raise $500 today to help Janet. We’re at 69% of our goal—we need $155 to send $500 to Janet today. We’ve got an anonymous donor who will donate half of what we need as long as we raise $77.50.

“I have been caring for my husband on a full-time basis since 2005,” Janet recently wrote on our Facebook fan page. “He has permanent cerebellum damage and is not very ambulatory. It is exhausting and getting home health assistance has been a battle. I am getting ready to have a hysterectomy (cancer) and will not be able to lift him. I cannot get assistance for less than $15 per hour. It will drastically deplete what savings are left during that month after my surgery. I thought I had exhausted all the known sources of help but Medicare just ended PT for him and wound care only comes once every 10 days.”

I asked Janet to tell us how our CareGifters money will make a difference for her. Here’s what she said:

CareGifters: How will the money we raise for you be used?
Janet: It will be used to pay for someone to assist in his daily needs such as bathing him, transferring him and changing his diapers.

CareGifters: What are your three greatest challenges?
Janet: Financial burdens are huge! Time to allow me to relax even if for an hour a day. Giving him the proper care each day that he needs without any added stress.

You can donate below. CareGifters is operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, a charitable organization. We use PayPal to process your donation. (Please note: The Center for Family Caregivers does not currently have tax exempt status with the IRS so donations are not tax deductible.)

And, if you are a family caregiver in need and would like to be considered in the future to receive CareGifters funds, fill out the application here.

Help us send $500 to Janet today–donate below. Thanks so much to all who give!

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