Happiness Project: July

This month begins Year 3 of our Caregiving Happiness Project. Can you believe it?

So, in July, our action word is Grow.

You might want to grow something in your garden or house. Or, you may want to allow yourself personal growth.

For me, I’m going to grow:

1. Opportunities which will net results for me in the near future.

What will you grow? Please share your goals in our comments section, below.

(Would you like to join our Happiness Project, now beginning its third year? We’d love to have you! Just go here for details on how to join.)

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5 thoughts on “Happiness Project: July

  1. Avatar of Bette

    I would like to grow in confidence so I can be a better leader for the kids. In being a stronger leader, I hope to create safeness in a situation that can feel so unsettling. In leading, I would like there to be clear expectations for the kids, created and shown in love and encouragement. I need to be confident in what I do, in order to allow them to experience the rewards of caregiving; of family.

  2. G-J

    I am going to grow a system to organize our photos.

    Since we are growing a garden, I am going to help it grow by watering and weeding more.

    I’ m going to grow some space in my desk by cleaning out my files.

  3. Avatar of BreeAnnaBreeAnna

    I am growing some stuff in my garden that I want to see “the fruits of my labor” literally.

    I have tomatoes, a nectarine tree, 2 peppers plants, and other ones I forgot to label and can’t remember what they are.

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