Your Vision Board for Your Future

On Saturday, Holly, who cares for her husband, joined me for Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey. You can listen to our show via the player below.

Holly and I discussed a listener’s question: I’ve returned to caregiving after a nice break. I find myself having irrational thoughts like, “I’m never going to get another break again.” Help!

Holly offered several great suggestions, including asking yourself three questions when the irrational thoughts take over:

1. Is that true? (Meaning, is the statement, “I’m never going to get another break” true?)

2. What do I want to think about now? (This moves into choices–you can choice to change your thought.)

3. What do I want to do right now? (Another movement into choice–coupled with action–to bring into a different perspective.)

I asked Holly how we can view our future with a perspective that helps, rather than hurts, us. She suggested creating vision boards. Her vision boards are below:

After the show, ejourneys posted a wonderful tutorial on how she creates her digital vision boards; you read it here.

A vision board can be created from any material you have, can be any size you want and can express your vision in any way that feels right. During our show, we discussed a few options.

I’d love for you to create a vision board for your future. Make it, take a photo and then email it to me. I’ll share your vision board here and on Pinterest.

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One thought on “Your Vision Board for Your Future

  1. Avatar of ejourneysejourneys

    Holly, your vision boards are wonderful!

    I did three over the weekend, and I think I’ll post them as a blog entry so that I can give a guided tour. :-) Not only did it feel like a meditation and a mini-vacation putting them together, but they clarified for me some of the things that I can do now as a way to help keep myself in balance. :D So thank you for that!


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