How Do You Define Forgiveness?


This morning, Trish, who created and edited our terrific new book, Forgiveness, joined me on Your Caregiving Journey. We discussed Forgiveness, the third in our CareGifters Book Series, with two of our book’s contributors, Kathy, and Joy. You can listen to our show via the player below.

During the show, we discussed our definition of forgiveness, that it’s a process and that it’s something we do for ourselves. Trish, Kathy and Joy shared their thoughts about their process to forgiveness and why forgiveness is so important to them.

I’d love to know: How do you define forgiveness? Please share in our comments section, below. We’ll choose a random winner to receive a the eBook version of Forgiveness.

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Define Forgiveness?

  1. Avatar of ChrisChris

    For me forgiveness is like opening a difficult window. The more you try to open the window, the more frustrating it becomes. Often times, we give up in the process, but keep going back to try again. For me, asking for, receiving and most importantly accepting forgiveness, is like opening a difficult window and letting in fresh air. Once the window is open, the fresh air comes in and the room is filled with a gentle breeze. Forgiveness, in all its forms, is like a breath of fresh air joined with a gentle breeze.

  2. Pat Bluth

    Forgiveness is what brought me total peace after my 17 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. It took me four years to figure it out that forgiveness was what I needed to do to get rid of the anger, hatred, and resentment that was about to ruin my life. After trying counseling, starting mothers against drunk driving in my community, journaling, attending support groups for parents whose children had died, I was feeling desperate as none of these brought me total peace. Reaching out to God for an answer he led me to an eight day silent retreat where I “kicking and screaming” gave in and forgave. Have had peace since. So to me forgiveness is a lifesaver.


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