What Needs Your Water?

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We’re breaking for summer!

We’re taking time this week to reflect and to enjoy some down time. We’re also posing daily questions which prod reflection or action.

Today’s question is: What needs your attention (your water, so to speak)?

Caregiving will make you wish for a clone. Without the help of a clone, something or someone slips from your radar. Today, water what needs your attention: A relationship, a goal, a dream. Perhaps your soul needs some watering. Today, make time for what or who needs your attention.

Water. Then, tell us about it in our comments section.

When you share in our comments section, you’ll be entered into a chance to win a great gift bag. Congrats to Christine, who won yesterday’s gift which will help her ride the WAVES of caregiving.

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2 Comments on "What Needs Your Water?"

Aug 30, 2012

I watered my relationships today. My lovely spouse, my kids, my parents and a cousin. Feeling enveloped with family around and all the love, I watered my own spirits as well. Just be.

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Aug 30, 2012

I watered my relationship with my spouse. . . my awesome Hubby found out that I was going to make this year, the last year of managing Fall Camps every weekend from Aug-midOctober. He was with me for my cataract surgery and we had some quality time together on a workday morning!