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Catching Up with Kristin

Yesterday, Kristin, who blogged about caring for Mary until Mary’s death on July 31, joined me on Your Caregiving Journey. I asked Kristin to join me to share about her life after caregiving. You can listen to our show via the player below.

Kristin joined us in February 2011. She became our first CareGifters recipient in April of 2011. I love having Kristin on the show because she shares so openly about her experiences. (I’ve posted links to my previous shows with Kristin below.)

Yesterday, she shared her frustration that she couldn’t make Mary’s last days easier; Mary’s physician assistant wouldn’t prescribe morphine and Hospice wouldn’t join Kristin in the push to get the prescription.

Kristin also spoke about her life now–that she struggles to fill her mind and her days. So much of her thoughts, she explained, focused on Mary. She also worried about where to live after Mary’s death–her limited income means she can’t find affordable housing near Mary’s home. She will move to Mexico on November 2 to move closer to friends; a friend has an apartment waiting for her. Kristin will share about her transition to life in Mexico on

We’ll have one last chat with Kristin before she leaves for Mexico on October 29 at 10 a.m. ET (9 a.m. CT, 7 a.m. PT).

Previous Shows with Kristin

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  1. I cannot wait to listen to this show (countdown: 15 minutes until I leave work and download it). I love it when Kristin is on the show and enjoy her interviews as well as her posts. I look forward to hearing about life in Mexico and have always admired her adventurous spirit!

  2. Profile photo of

    I enjoyed the show so much. I appreciated Kristin’s insights in losing Mary.

    I look forward to the October follow-up show.

    Kristin, thinking of you and knowing what gifts you gave to Mary – I hope you always remember those gifts. They can fade a bit as the experience seems to move further away.

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