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In Six Words, What’s Quality of Life for You?

cup-158986_640As Chris mentioned in his post yesterday (“I’m Between 81 and Death!“), we had a discussion about quality of life during Monday night’s FitPASS conference call.

After reading his post, I began to write him a comment that included the question, “How do you define your quality of life?,” until I thought, this is a great question to ask all of you.

So, I’d love to know: How do you define quality of life for yourself? Which relationships, activities and perspectives add quality to your life? During a challenging and stressful time, how do you keep quality in your life? And, for fun, define your quality of life in six words.

I look forward to reading your definitions.

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I began working with family caregivers in 1990 and launched in 1996 to help and support them. Through my blog, I share words of comfort and offer coping strategies and tips. I also write opinion pieces about recent research, community programs and media coverage of caregiving issues.


  1. Avatar of Peggikaye

    Relationships thriving, smiling though sad, perspective.

  2. Loving, living, giving, enjoying, togetherness, chocolate! :)

  3. Avatar of ejourneys

    The best I can each day.

    Satisfying creativity, curiosity, companionship, sense of purpose.

    Nature, nurture, fitness, appetite for life.

  4. Avatar of Kathy

    A happy heart is like medicine.

    Laugh until you cry and hurt.

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