Walk for the Health of It!

Steve and I are participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s next month at Knott’s Berry Farm. Last year I walked and Steve worked at the Advocacy booth. I  am the captain of team, “Walk for the Health of It!”, named with the assistance of our teenaged son. Being captain doesn’t mean anything more than when I send out fundraising e-mails, I include a link in case they would like to join our team. So far our team has five people, and currently our son is not one of them.

The location for the walk makes it fun because we walk through Knott’s Berry Farm, an amusement park, before it is open. The walkways are wide, so there is a lot of room for all the participants.

I will also be the speaker at this walk. I need to prepare and submit what I am going to say. So far I think I’ve written two sentences. I’m trying to keep what I say geared to the entire group rather than specific to Steve. My goal is to finish and submit my first draft this month so that it is approved well in advance of the October 27th walk.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is held all over the country, with many walks being held this month, World Alzheimer’s Month. Whether you Walk to End Alzheimer’s or walk for another reason, walking is one of the best exercises for the body and the brain. Whatever your reason, I encourage you to “Walk for the Health of It!”

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I am a caregiver for my 59-year-old husband, Steve, who was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment in December 2009. His employer put him on disability and he had to retire one year later when he couldn't return to work. I am also the mother to our son who is now a high school senior. We have a cat, Sagwa, who rounds out our family. In addition to blogging here, I volunteer at my son's high school in the scholarship office, teach a class I created called, "Keep Your Brain Buff" at our city's Senior Center, lead a writing group at the Alzheimer's Association, and advocate for people with all types of dementia. In November, I will be participating in my third Walk to End Alzheimer's.

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    Love this, G-J! Walking is one of my favorite exercises. My partner and I have “post office walks” and “water tower walks,” though less so now than before.

    Great team name! Would love to read the speech. Kudos to all of you and to the team members!


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