A Caregiving Day in Photos

What’s a day of caregiving look like? Our members contributed photos of their day to our Caregiving Day in Photos slideshow. Just click on a photo to begin the show.

Thanks to Chris, Dana, ejourneys, EllysGdaughter, G-J, Jane, Pegi and Trish for their terrific photos.

Would you like to contribute to our 24-hour day? Email me your photos along with the time and brief explanation of what’s going on. I’ll add your photos to our slideshow.

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  1. I to am a caregiver,my wife Rebekah has M.S. since she was 21…she is now 46 and no longer can walk or even roll over in bed without assistance.quit my job 6 years ago to stay home with her because we could not afford to hire someone to stay with her 24)7.we have depleted our life savings now and live on her S.S.CHECK…..and beleave me when i say it’s not easy.I have no other income,and NO health insurance.so we do the best we can. this morning i woke up with a tooth hurting but I know GOD will provide a way……all we have is our FAITH IN him…..I PRAY FOR ALL OF YOU.

  2. Denise, What a wonderful project! I was just thinking about this the other day and was thrilled when I saw it pop up. It’s wonderful to see snippets of everyone else’s life. Such a great idea! If you want, I’ll continue to send pictures now and then to keep the day fresh! :-)


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