Book Club Discussion: A New Kind of Normal

On Friday, Jane and I met on Your Caregiving Journey for our monthly book club discussion. This month, we read a book recommended by Jane–A New Kind of Normal by Carol Kent. You can listen to our discussion via the player below.

In A New Kind of Normal, Carol writes about coping with her family’s traumatic change; her son is jailed for murdering his wife’s ex-husband. Carol writes about many of the themes that accommodate loss, including overcoming shame by sharing the truth. Carol also includes stories of others who face difficult challenges and how they cope.

I enjoyed the book because of its stories, which I found to be compelling of their honesty. Carol includes many religious and Biblical references and writes from a Christian perspective. My beliefs differ so I just skipped over the religious writings. Jane said this is her very favorite book and highly recommends it for family caregivers.

In October, we’re reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Join our book club to keep up with our picks and our scheduled discussions.

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