How Anger Steals Your Happiness

Yesterday, on Your Caregiving Journey, Elizabeth Lombardo, our happiness expert, joined me to discuss the impact of our anger on our moments of happiness. You can listen to our show via the player below.

During our show, Elizabeth reminded us that anger is a normal emotion.It’s also an emotion that typically stems from another feeling we have. Often, our feelings of helplessness lead us to our feelings of anger.

We spoke about importance of managing our anger rather than stuffing it back in or pretending it doesn’t exist. We discussed common situations that cause anger during caregiving, especially at the end of your caree’s life. It’s common to be angry as the end nears; we discussed strategies to manage the anger during those times. Because when you stay angry, you let anger steal the moments that could bring you happiness.


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2 thoughts on “How Anger Steals Your Happiness

  1. Avatar of Roaring MouseRoaring Mouse

    “Because when you stay angry, you let anger steal the moments that could bring you happiness.”

    This is the nutshell of how hubby and I had dealt with anger! I don’t think there’s a better way to say that. Anger is okay…but put it in its place and move on. If you do’t it will hold you back. Thank you for addressing this.

    The Roaring Mouse

  2. Jackie Lathem

    Yes thank you for the post.. and to roaringmouse.. “but put it in its place and move on.”.. Thanks for that comment.. Anger has been eating me alive the past few weeks.. I am just this weekend able to come to terms with it all..


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