Dementia Care During a Natural Disaster

Yesterday afternoon, Claire Day, our dementia care expert, joined me on Your Caregiving Journey to discuss how to prepare and manage a natural disaster. You can listen to our show via the player below.

Claire and I spoke about the importance of creating an emergency preparedness plan, which involves having a kit of supplies to last you, your family and your caree for 72 hours. In addition, we talked about the importance of calling your local officials before a disaster to let them know of your caregiving situation and to gather information about managing a disaster.

We also discussed how to manage if you must evacuate and head to a shelter with your caree. Claire suggested tips to help manage a caree’s anxiety during a situation that will make everyone nervous and tense.

After our show, Claire sent a link to an article on the Alzheimer’s Association website to help you plan and prepare for what you hope never happens: In a Disaster.

How do you prepare for an emergency? Please share your tips and suggestions in our comment section, below.

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    I have always thought that emergency preparedness needed to include prescriptions for a few days. I finally remembered to talk to the pharmacy about this and they directed me to our insurance company.

    I called them twice today and as told that the only thing they will do is give us needed prescriptions when we call AFTER an emergency! So much for planning ahead!


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