Half Full

Having taken some time to digest the latest development in my husband’s spinal cord injury, I’ve decided to go with our glasses are half full. With the impending move scheduled for Monday, and our world now packed in boxes and pods, first we get a small respite from boxes, routine and daily chores. He continues his PT from our temporary dwelling.  Should be a quieter more peaceful month. Nothing to concern ourselves with but his health and safety.

When we start to reset up our house in the new location I am going to move things around as best I can to make everything more accessible for him in a wheelchair. We may even do a bit of remodeling. I think I’ve finally convinced him to redo one of the bathrooms so it is more accommodating for his needs.

Trying to make some lemonade here!  While were off on this adventure, I’m not sure yet if this computer will hook to wi-fi. I may be absent for awhile, will miss you all, wish you all the best, and keep you in my prayers.

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Nov 10, 2012

Hi Pegi-I so hope the move goes smoothly. I like your priorities and that you’ve drilled down to what’s most important. I also hope for wi-fi!!!!

Hang in there. I also so hope the most delicious glass of lemonade is right around the corner.

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Nov 10, 2012

Dear Pegi,

I know you won’t receive this for a bit…but do hope that you’ll understand that you are not alone! I have been away from Caregiving postings for a bit, due to the passing of my hubby. Each day I move forward grateful that he instilled in me so many good things. When your post came up this morning…I had to open …and then I went back to your first posting and have read through about 1/2 your postings.

You are the first person I have met who understands Florida, Syrinx, Shunt, Incomplete Paraplegia, Wound Care and the feeling of “alone”. You are not alone! I have a plethora of contacts and resources for you in Florida…depending on location…and want to commend you for maintaining your positive sunny-iness in spite of all.

You need to know that there many simple tricks that can help make both your lives easier and there is a program in Florida that will help pay for shutters on your house. There are respite organizations, mentor and support groups too if you are interested in that. But I will offer that most are not familiar with syrinx’s and you may want to look up the term Syringomyelia.

I could blab on for hours…but you and your hubby need to know Rule #1: Despite what everyone will tell you, there is no such thing as impossible!

Hugs! Feel free to email me direct if you wish!

The Roaring Mouse

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Nov 10, 2012

Pegi, I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly! We have our own version of lemonade here. I am thankful/hopeful that you will have a more peaceful stretch and hope that the remodeling brings with it a sense of renewal. *Hugs*

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Nov 10, 2012

Hi Pegi,
Thinking of you and your husband with all these changes. I so admire your perspective and determination.

I, too, hope you are able to have wi-fi.

You are such a blessing to your husband and to us!