Mom’s Birthday and Being Thankful

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I wrote a few weeks ago about dealing with Hurricane Sandy that happened here in New York a few weeks ago and then the week after we had a freak snowstorm which I lost power again due to the heavy snow on the trees.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks weatherwise but I am thankful it was nothing more than that!

Mom’s birthday was this past Sunday. I took her out for her birthday to the diner. Usually we go to a nice restaurant but Mom’s phospherous and potassium were high so I wanted to minimize her choices as I know how Nom could be when she wants something. Dialysis had given Mom the go ahead to have some foods that she wanted and Mom was okay with that. I told mom that the main thing was was that we were together and that she had been doing better because of her choices. She had a great birthday and my brother and his wife came along with a surprise guest that I had for her. I took mom afterwards to have a mani/pedi and that’s how we spent her day.

I am so thankful today for many things. I am thankful for having today to spend with Mom.  I may have gone through a rough year this year but I know it could have been much worse and for that I am thankful as well.  I am thankful also for going to counseling and being able to let go of the guilt and the pain that I have held onto ever since mom got sick. I am also very grateful for all of you who have been my inspiration and guidance when I needed it.

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2 Comments on "Mom’s Birthday and Being Thankful"

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Nov 22, 2012

Meryl, Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and a belated Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love that you noticed and remarked on your Mom’s healthier choices and focused on the togetherness of the day. The two of you have some great teamwork going! 😀 I feel thankful and blessed for you and everyone else here.

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Nov 23, 2012

Hi Meryl–Your mom’s birthday sounds wonderful. I can tell from your post that you feel sooo much better. There’s nothing more deserving of gratitude than that. Good for you! Hope you have a great weekend!