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Hey everyone,

My life has not slowed down in the least. For like three weeks we were going to Hutchinson (Kansas) every other day. My dad has been in the ER nine times in a month. The kicker is that it is for something different each time and it is an emergency every time. So we are at home right now, that is a big thing. He is still not feeling good at all. I hope that he can  stay out of the hospital for awhile. He has been in a hospital in every month for the last five. I wish he felt better.

I while back I was taking about getting my dad to use briefs. Now we have moved past that. He now has a foley catheter. In October, he couldn’t go after like 14 hours so we went to ER and the put in a cath and now the urologist is saying he may have to keep forever now because of the neuropathy in his bladder. So I am learning all the fun of cath care. His and my mom’s dementia has taken a huge decline. They have to be told to do everything and don’t know how to do most.

I feel like I am in a  huge pond. I thought that the pond was frozen and stable but it is not. So right now I feel like that I am in the icy cold water and can’t get out. I have had to stay up ALL night with dad in ER. I am trying to do good in school but when Dad is in hospital it is hard. I have home health for dad but even then I am so exhausted that I am worried I am going to get real sick.

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Nov 21, 2012

Oh, Amy, I am so sorry. You’re doing so much… I can understand why the ice cold water seems to engulf you. The only break you’ve got is the crack in the frozen pond which put you under.

How are you spending the day tomorrow?

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Nov 22, 2012

Amy, I am so sorry. I wish I could bottle up sleep and energy and send it to you, with a warm blanket of comfort to remove the chill. *Hugs*