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Small Room, Big Change

We officially moved out of our house Sunday. It was grueling; we were exhausted. My husband was pale and weary.  We went down the road a piece, complete with boxes of supplies, duffel bags of clothes, the dog, the cat and a caravan of three neighbors who so kindly helped us unload and setup. It was one of the spontaneous acts of human kindness that seems to come when you most need it. It was already 8 p.m. and Hubby (a diabetic) had not eaten since breakfast. One of our friends went and got us dinner and brought it to the motel. Within 15 minutes of arriving, Hubby and the other animals were fed and safely resting. Bless them all, our neighbors, our friends; God is good to us.

So here we sit in a motel room. It can’t be bigger than 12 X 12. We have a microwave, coffeepot, tiny refrigerator and a giant wheelchair accessible bathroom that is quit impressive, in spite of the fact its 1/3 of the room! Hubby is safe.

The arguments and bickering that I have mentioned were not us. They are gone.  The stress of where to move the house, where will we stay? Gone. In this tiny, little space we are reconnecting to the “us” I’ve always loved. We talk, we giggle, we go outside for “walks.” We go to therapy and begin again.

Hubby wants to go to a local souvenir store to get coffee mugs to commemorate our adventure. The cloud is gone, the sun is out. Now we can concentrate on getting him well.

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  1. Profile photo of Denise

    Ah, Pegi, this is just wonderful! I’m so glad you are settled, you are together and you have Wi-Fi!!! So glad your sun came back. You deserve it. :)

  2. Profile photo of Jo


    Your post made some sun shine here as well. Loved it, thank-you!

  3. Profile photo of ejourneys

    I love this, Pegi. I love the community that has sprung up around you, Hubby, and the animals at just the right time. I love the adventure you draw from the challenge, and the blessing of that small space for letting you reconnect after so much stress. The sunshine has returned because you have created it.

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    Hi Pegi,
    I’m so glad you received the help that you needed – including the dinner. So glad to hear your update and that you and your husband are settled while you await your new home. Thinking of you both and hoping for a special day for you on Thursday.

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