There Was a Straw

Yesterday was Hubby’s visit to the neurologist. The news was not what I expected. Doc said he presented his case at a conference which included Neuro, Pathologists and Ortho docs. The syrnx/cyst looks good, shunt is working.  The latest MRI still shows a spinal cord injury. They don’t know for sure what the cause is but suspect that it is part of his vascular disease and that the small veins flowing through the spinal cord are blocked. Doc said there is nothing more that can be done, and short of a miracle, he will not regain the use of his legs.

As I stood there sniffling and fighting back the flood of tears begging to be released, Hubby calmly told the doc that that was what he expected. He told him he knows his body, and usually rehabs quickly (which is true).

After we left and I had him and my nemesis the wheelchair tucked safely in the car, we proceeded to the podiatrist/wound care doctor. Hubby’s new custom  made wheelchair has an engineering flaw. When the footrests are removed so he can exercise his legs by pedaling the chair, there is a rough edge. The edge scrapes the leg and I’ve been treating it for weeks and it will not heal. This doc told us it is a diabetic ulcer and the leg is infected. She feels we can treat it from home with dressings and antibiotics. Strike two for the day.

When the dust finally settled from our adventures, I asked Hubby what he thought.  He told me with firm resolve that he was going to walk again.  Not just with a walker, but on his own.  He is absolutely determined to beat the odds.  I hope, I pray and my heart aches for him, as there is nothing I can do to help.

So there was another straw, but it did not break us. There will not be a third strike today. If anyone can accomplish this medically impossible feat it will my  husband. He has a spirit and a strength that I can’t help but admire. We will get through yet another new normal together.

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Nov 8, 2012

Ah, Pegi, I am so sorry. These straws take so much to bear. It’s so hard to hear news that brings more changes, especially changes you just don’t want. I hope the rest of the day was okay.

Please let us know how you’re doing today. Sometimes, the day after can be harder as it all seems so much more real.

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Nov 8, 2012

Hi Pegi,

I so admire your spirit. Your support encourages and provides that strength for your husband every day.

I’m so sorry for the news you received, but am so inspired as I think of the two of you working together to face this challenge – it sounds as though your husband refuses to stay low for any of it.

How often does he have rehab.? I look forward to reading your updates about his progress.

Please hang in there – Thinking of you today.

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Nov 8, 2012

Pegi, I am so sorry. But I love Hubby’s resolve and yours and your teamwork. You both have a tremendous fighting spirit, and that is worth more than any price. *Hugs*