Trish Shares Her Story on Huffington Post Live

Trish with her husband, Richard,

I just finished watching and listening to Trish share her caregiving story during a segment on Huffington Post Live called Take Good Care.

She was wonderful!! She disrupted, as we like to say. You can watch the segment below.


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    Thanks for posting the link, Denise! (I really have to send you a more flattering picture of myself). :-)

    Thanks for your comment, ejourneys! It was a lot of fun although I was nervous. Oh my gosh – and that was my phone ringing in the background!! Doh! :-)

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    Trish, I vaguely recall hearing the phone, but it did not distract in the least — and I thought it was ringing on the host’s end, since she was receiving messages from listeners. No problem! 😀

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    Trish, you were awesome! You were the perfect person to be on the program. All of you on the show did a wonderful job!

    I agree with ejourneys that the phone was not at all disruptive.


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