Waiting for the Straw

There are days I feel like the round peg trying to fit into the square hole.  Who’d of thought a few months ago, when all I had to worry about was my hubby’s safety, recovery and well being, doctor appointments, meds, therapy et al, would feel like the “good old days”!.

This relocation of our home, packing and all that involves is really stretching me way too thin.  Finding a suitable place to rent for four to six weeks that will accommodate both hubby on wheels, and his dog (can’t put him in a kennel, hubby has to have him) has proven to be a much bigger challenge than I could have imagined! Our “pretend” vacation on the beach has become a dingy, very old mobile home down the street which will allow hubby to move about freely in half the house.  Our “free” move is already in the four digits with pod rental, storage, helpers and rental home.

The stress is taking its toll on his rehab. His legs aren’t working that well at PT. We have an appointment with the neurologist tomorrow after a new MRI. I pray the decline we’ve seen is stress and not the regrowth of the dreaded syrnx. I can’t even say that out loud. After which we will run over to the podiatrist/wound care doctor as one of his ankles and heel has become discolored overnight. So it goes.

On the bright side, my mother is still alert and smiling. I talked with her on the phone awhile ago. She brightens my day, and for those few minutes all is right with my world.

God Bless all you wonderful caregivers, and once again, thanks Denise for a safe place to hide for awhile.

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Nov 5, 2012

Pegi, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news from the neurologist tomorrow and that the heel discoloration is a minor matter. Stress can really throw functionality for a loop. Thank goodness the calls with your mom help to diminish the strain.

Keep all your receipts. I don’t know if the moving expenses are tax deductible or can otherwise be compensated, but just in case.

I’m sorry the “beach” is not what it seemed. Keep breathing. *Hugs*

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Nov 6, 2012

Hi Pegi,
I hope you get positive news at the appointment today – anxious to hear.

There are things that are just hard to say out loud, I’m so glad we can talk about all those things together here. It gives the strength needed to look at the challenges as they come.

I so hope for good things for you both during these next four to six weeks of waiting – and beyond.

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Nov 6, 2012

Hi Pegi–It seems like we don’t think we have it good until it gets worse. Blah! I’m so sorry for all these upsets. You must feel like the rug gets constantly moved and you have to constantly slip to stay on.

I hope a hidden blessing shows itself for you. You are such a kind, good person. :) Even though it’s taking a break right now, you have a ray of sun that shines.