We Break for Fall: What Will You Change?

A change can be beautiful.

A change can be beautiful.

We are creatures of comfort. And, sometimes we get so comfortable in a schedule or a routine that we don’t realize it no longer works for us.

So, today, we wonder: What will you change in your schedule to make your day a little easier?

It could be that you change how often you bathe your caree (from three days each week to two days) or when your caree has the last cup of water before bedtime or when you give yourself a moment to breathe during the day.

I look forward to hearing what you’ll change because your change will spark ideas for others. And, by sharing in our comments section, you’ll be entered into a chance to win a gift check for a Butterball turkey. Congrats to RoaringMouse, who won yesterday’s turkey.

One thought on “We Break for Fall: What Will You Change?

  1. Avatar of ejourneysejourneys

    Now that my cold is finally over (yay!), I’m going to work at getting outside more, to sit in the fresh air and watch nature around me. Florida finally moves on from its hot summer this time of year. :-)

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