How Do You Motivate Your Caree?

Have you hit a brick wall trying to motivate your caree?

Have you hit a brick wall trying to motivate your caree?

Last night on Your Caregiving Journey, our panel of family caregivers joined me to discuss this question: Can you set goals for your caree? You can listen to the insights from Richard, Jane and ejourneys shared during our show via our player below.

Our discussion moved from wondering if it’s possible to set to goals, to communicating about goals, to motivating your caree. We spoke about setting goals for appropriate behavior and to improve health. It can be tricky to be the one setting goals and the one providing motivation. It also can be incredibly frustrating if you set goals, do your best to motivate and feel like you just run into a brick wall.

So, I’m curious: How do you motivate your caree? What struggles do you encounter? What solutions have you tried? Please share your experiences in our comments section, below.

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    I have found that perhaps the best way in my case is to be present, listen, and empathize. Also exploring issues and concerns to come up with potential solutions to her struggles. At the same time I’m working on setting healthy boundaries when necessary. I’m still working on that.


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