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What Do You Want First Responders to Know About Your Needs?

first-responder-community-mdMy work in emergency preparedness and disabilities is picking up. I’m even looking at taking some classes for some certification. As the doors open, new opportunities come along. I might have an opportunity to speak at a major conference to first responders about family caregivers who work 7/24/365 and who are “not paid.” That means all of you here who participate on the site.

Could you send me any thought you have as a family caregiver on emergency preparedness? This can be concern for yourself, loved one, obtaining information, how to accommodate, unique concerns, really anything! With these thoughts I want to be able to submit a proposal for a presentation about family caregivers to first responders.

Thanks so much!

Roaring Mouse

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I am a G-d speed caregiver for a spouse who had a spinal cord injury, syringomyelia, autonomic dysreflexia, TBI x 2 (Tramatic Brain Injury), complex regional pain syndrome and two shunts.  I've been with for over two years now and have actively participated in the Caregifter Essay program. As an Emergency Management Disability Liaison for a nationwide disability disaster response non-profit, I work to engage both disaster responding and the disability communities to network and collaborate on disaster planning while educating and advocate both on the importance of the topic.  In my spare time I volunteer at a local spinal cord rehab therapy center gifting both the clients and the caregivers with resources and silly jokes so they leave with a smile.

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