CBS Sunday Morning Profiles a Young Family Caregiver


This morning, CBS Sunday Morning aired a terrific segment about a nine-year-old daughter and a business she started to help pay for her mom’s care in a nursing home. You’ll be reminded in this segment that we may not tell others about our struggles, but they’ll see them on our face.

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    Hi friends,
    After viewing this tape? I thought WOW! Shelby (?) does a better job as a young adult than I do at 60 years old! And how “family always means the most?” That’s a motto everyone should hold dear to themselves. I wonder what she will do in college and beyond? She will most definitely go far! Take a look see!

  2. Denise, not only does this story warm the heart but it is also should inspire everyone that regardless of the circumstance that “if there is a will there is a way”. This country needs more Shelby’s


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