East Less, Move More

Bfast 001One of the main components to losing weight is a simple theme that I like to follow: Eat Less, Move More! There are quite a bit of diets out there for us to follow; believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them. But all diets come back to one thing: Eat Less, Move More! Another trick I learned years ago was to use smaller plates. This morning I made a two egg omelet with spinach and used a small plate which made my portions look enormous.

Sometimes weight loss and exercise is just an exercise in changing one’s mindset. Just like changing the size of my breakfast plate gave me the illusion that I was eating more when I was actually eating less.

Chris_bikeDeep down inside, I think we all know what we need to do in order to take the weight off. Lots of times it just comes down to changing our mindset and being around people who are supportive.

That is why our VRide is so good for so many people. We can work at our own pace and receive all the encouragement that each one of us needs in order to feel comfortable and affirmed.

Today I walked 3 miles and rode the stationary bike for 15 miles. It feels good to take care of myself!

If you would like to learn more about our VRide, just watch my video below:

Remember… We Might Have Cancer…


But Cancer Does Not Have Us


12 thoughts on “East Less, Move More

  1. Avatar of ejourneysejourneys

    Love the photos and video, Chris — you look great! :D That’s terrific exercise you’re doing.
    Thanks also for introducing me to MyFitnessPal.com — keeping track of calories has been a tremendous help to me.
    Happy riding, walking, etc.! :D See you on our virtual road!

  2. Avatar of KathyKathy


    This was wonderful and look at you, able to talk and peddle at the same time! I’m a little jealous ;-)
    I’m so happy to be sharing the experience of the VRide with you. Thanks for letting me tag along :)

    • Avatar of ChrisChris Post author

      Imagine that doing two things at one time…us caregivers have some talent! I am happy your along for the VRide too…It’s great to be a part of our extended family!

  3. Avatar of Sunshine=Sometimes

    Loved the VRide video today! Ejourneys gave me the heads up about it and voila! It was there! Loved it! Your philosophy about our VRide is perfect, too. Eat less Do More. For my 60th birthday Mom took me too our fav IHOP upon my request. (That’s where our virtual stop in Glenview, IL will be to meet me on our VRide! Cannot wait to intoduce you to everyone!) I am so thrilled about the VRide but the support is the main thing, Chris! Thank you and everyone else too! :)

    • Avatar of ChrisChris Post author

      Hi, Sunshine…
      I love IHOP too and can’t wait to pay a visit with you. The VRide is all about us supporting each other, so important as you know. And belated Happy Birthday, too.
      See you on the #Vride :)

      • Avatar of Sunshine=Sometimes

        Hi Chris,
        I love your posts! (Especially the video!) I am really glad you all are coming to visit me at my favorite IHOP here in Glenview, IL. I’ll be able to introduce you to all my waitress and waiters and busboy friends! And show you the 55+ menues. Delish as I said!
        Thanks for starting this up along with ejourneys!

  4. Avatar of TrishTrish

    Love your ideas, Chris. These are easy to remember (eat less, move more, smaller plates). It’s difficult for me to put in the time to exercise but I find I move more if I just am aware of that concept instead of “I have to set aside an hour to exercise.” I take the stairs at work, I get up more when I’m at work and walk around more, I’m trying to MOVE more! You guys are all inspiring and even though I don’t think the scale is cooperating right now, I have faith that it will. (Coincidentally, our scale recently broke so I have to go by how I feel, how my clothes fit, etc. — interesting way to gauge my weight after years of stepping on the scale daily). Anyway, thanks a bunch – I’ll stop rambling now. :-)

    • Avatar of ChrisChris Post author

      Hi, Trish…always great to hear from you and thanks for your kind words! Especially while I work I now find myself thinking more about moving rather than sitting still. What is so great about what we are doing with VRide is that we are all in this together at our own pace.
      On a side note, I prefer it when my scale is broken! :)

  5. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Hi Chris–I love your video and thought of it this morning as I rode the stationary bike. I’m always amazed by how exercise empowers–when I challenge myself in exercise I gain an emotional, mental and physical strength.

    That omelet looks awesome! One of my favorite lunches is scrambled eggs on a bed of asparagus. :)


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