First Rest Stop: Inverness, FL


Greetings from the seat of Citrus County! This postcard shows the city’s iconic building, its Old Courthouse Heritage Museum. Once the county courthouse, the building is now a history museum and home of the Citrus County Historical Society. It’s a short walk from City Hall and municipal parking lot. (Just recently the municipal lot converted a couple of spots to recharging stations for electric vehicles. Cool!)

The City of Inverness also appeared in Elvis Presley’s ninth movie, “Follow That Dream.” (A life-sized cutout of Elvis is in the building!) This spring, the Historical Society is putting on a commemorative play:

On my first day’s journey I pedaled 12.5 miles in 60.5 minutes. My ride hasn’t taken me quite as far as the historical museum itself, but I am virtually well within the city limits. I can almost see the library from here:

During my first day’s ride I passed our county landfill, which is awesome. This time of year the landfill hosts eagle watches, because bald eagles breed in the surrounding Withlacoochie State Forest. Eagles are scavengers, so they enjoy the landfill along with vultures, gulls, and other birds.

My partner and I went to an eagle watch in 2006. Here’s an adult bald eagle, joined by many gulls:


Here are several juvenile bald eagles:


I also love the amount of recycling the landfill does. Citrus County is not densely populated (140,031 people in the entire county in 2011), so until recently economies of scale didn’t permit the recycling of Styrofoam. But then Polk County gave the landfill a Styrofoam recycling machine. In addition, the recent introduction of recycling for white and mixed papers has helped us tackle our clutter problem! My partner is more willling to let some papers go, knowing they won’t go to waste. :-)

You can read more about our landfill here.

Liberty Park, where my partner and I have gone after her therapy sessions, is also here in Inverness. These sandhill cranes nest around Lake Henderson:

Inverness is the rest stop I am most familiar with, since my partner and I head into town usually a couple of times a month. From here I’ll head farther east, toward I-75. Stay tuned for the next update! :D

My progress after Day 1 — 85.5 more miles to get to Jane’s!

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9 thoughts on “First Rest Stop: Inverness, FL

  1. Avatar of KathyKathy

    EJ you’re moving right along! My daughter and calculated that at my pace I’ll be there in 5 months ;-) LOL!!!
    It’s interesting to see the sights, thanks for sharing them
    We too have an Eagle hangout at a local community water source. Not the best water though. Apparently the eagles liked it. Last year we had such an influx of them that they made the news and people from everywhere flocked (giggle) to see them. I hope they return. I saw them every time I went to work out at the gym I’m a member of.

  2. Avatar of Sunshine=Sometimes

    Hi ejourneys, This is just TOO awesome! WOW! I love it! Keep up the good work if you can? I doubt you can top this much higher in creativity! I am really having a great time with your work – and Chris’ too! Denise? You must give ejourneys and Chris a raise! They deserve it! He! He! :) P.S. Nice to see you Kathy as I go down to Florida too!

    • Avatar of ejourneysejourneys Post author

      Thanks, S=S! I’m having a blast looking up info, especially about the places I don’t know! :-) And I’m so glad we’re all doing this together!


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