Happiness Project: January

scroll-27958_640We enter January, the first month of our new year. It’s a month of beginnings.

This month, for our Caregiving Happiness Project, let’s focus.

Let’s put our focus at the start of the year on what we want for the year. When you focus on what you want and need, you let go of what you don’t want or need.

For me, I’m going to focus on what’s going well.

This month, on what will you focus?

Please share your goals about focusing in our comments section, below.

(Would you like to join our Happiness Project, now in its third year? We’d love to have you! Just complete this quick survey and then join our group here.)

6 thoughts on “Happiness Project: January

  1. Avatar of Sunshine=Sometimes

    Hi! I’m new to this forum/group? But I wanted to draw upon Denise’s 13 Wishes in 2013 and find out my dreams and aspirations both for me and my Mom.

  2. Avatar of Sunshine=Sometimes

    I decided just having dreams and aspirations wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to focus on something specific. That being – after seeing the “Setting Your Financial Goals” – to pay off my VISA debt by the end of 2013.

    • Avatar of DeniseDenise Post author

      S=S–I think this is a great goal. :) I hope today’s talk show will be a good resource for you. Keep us posted in our Happiness Project group and let us know how we can support you. :)


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