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In Six Words, What’s a Caregiving Worry?

cliff-edge1Before caregiving, you thought you had worries.

Then caregiving comes and you think, “Why in the world did I waste my time worrying about such small stuff?”

The worries in caregiving can stop your heart and leave your breath-less. They can keep you up at night and take up time during your day. And, sometimes, you can feel like you’re the only who has these worries.

So, let’s keep company in our worries. Let’s share what we worry about and, for fun, do it in six words. Your worry may look like this:

I worry I’ll not know enough.

What if I no longer can?

Egos will derail what’s important.

What’s your six-word caregiving worry? Please share below in our comments section.

About Denise Brown

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I began working with family caregivers in 1990 and launched in 1996 to help and support them. Through my blog, I share words of comfort and offer coping strategies and tips. I also write opinion pieces about recent research, community programs and media coverage of caregiving issues.


  1. Avatar of

    Am I doing enough?!

  2. Avatar of

    I worry I’m not good enough!

  3. Avatar of ejourneys

    If I’m toast, we’re both toast.
    (Which is why I’m looking into expanding my team!)

  4. Avatar of Denise

    Darren (@gcdsw2020) shared this one via Twitter: When things are going too smoothly.

  5. Avatar of

    Every one of these is so good this time, Denise! REALLY creative! :)

  6. Avatar of Denise

    And, shared this one in our General group: @lisachod1265:

    inability to fix what’s been broken.

  7. Avatar of G-J

    How long before there’s a change?

    Was that blip a big deal?

    Giving our son a “normal” life.

  8. Avatar of

    Lisa! Beautiful! So gorgeous! Right on, girl!

  9. Avatar of Jo

    That I’m not doing nearly enough!

  10. Avatar of Bob

    It’s one moment at a time.

  11. Avatar of Bob

    I’m not sure what to say….

    The one above may not sound like a worry I added this one with a sigh….

  12. Avatar of

    This one has generated awesome responses everyone in my opinion! Everyone is so creative! Absolutely wonderful! BRAVO!

  13. Avatar of Richard

    Have I really forgiven? Should I?

    • Avatar of Kathy

      I have learned that forgiveness isn’t for the other person, but more for setting our own self free from bitterness and negative feelings. Also doesn’t mean forget and continue, just move on with peace.

  14. Avatar of Richard

    What does the future hold? Help!!

  15. Avatar of

    Hi Richard, thanks for the help! I guess I always wonder if my two high powered sisters wonder if I am doing well enough. And then? I doubt myself! Thanks for all the insights though! They’re great! :)

  16. Avatar of Kathy

    He’ll forget me and move on

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