Poll: Would You Take a Position as Family Care Manager?

vote02Yesterday, I wrote a post exploring the idea of a designated family caregiver in every family. (Read “The Future of Caregiving: A Designated Family Caregiver?“) In essences, families pool their money to hire another family member to be that family unit’s primary family caregiver. I call this position a Family Care Manager.

Today, I’d love to know if this position appeals to you. For the purposes of this poll, please make some assume that your family has the resources to hire you and has offered you the job of Family Care Manager.

I’d love to know: Would you accept the position? Please cast your vote in our poll below.


Reminder: We’ll continue this conversation on Your Caregiving Journey on Wednesday, January 16, at 8 p.m. ET. Call 1-646-652-4944 during our show to share your ideas and join the chat room to discuss your thoughts with other family caregivers. Listen here.

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    Hmm, I’ll answer “yes” but think you need a third option: “It depends.” I think I’d need to see a job description, know the expectations, how my family intended to compensate me (or if) and if I would have to also work full or part time in another job while being the Family Care Manager. Unfortunately, I don’t think families can afford to pay one person to take care of another member. That’s why many of us do it for free . . . that, and it is a necessary task that someone has to do whether paid, appointed, annointed or not. I hope we get some calls tomorrow because this is an interesting topic with many facets to consider.

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    Hi–For the purposes of the poll, I really want everyone to let go of controlling the “What if’s” and simply consider: Would they want a position that pays them to be their family’s designated family caregiver? Does a position like this appeal to you? Would you want a position like this to be your career?

    I’m curious to see the results. Thanks to everyone who votes!

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    Absolutely not. I love Mom? But no. I would rather have the fun of a loving husband, children, and close friends and exciting career. Like my two sisters? They don’t even answer my e-mails. Nor phone often. (Or too long.) Like I said? No.

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    I said No, too. What I’m doing today was unexpected and currently the hopeful end may be June 2014. No guarantees but I have the plan in the works. I love J and I love the other family members that I may possibly be called on to do that job, but I’ve done it twice already. I want to accomplish other things in life, before I go, that are equally as important. I’m costing myself my health and that price is too high for even this go around. Maybe I need to be doing more of the managing part instead of all the grunt work.

  5. Hello all, I am a Family Care Manager for my mother. She survived a massive stroke in April 2011. She is doing remarkably well considering the impact of the right side of the brain. I only have one sibling (sister), she is mentally disabled, and she is not in a position to pay me anything to take care of our mother. Before mother became ill, I was working in the Home Care Industry. This opportunity helped me understand the ins and outs of caregiving from a family perspective. I am still in a position to work outside of the the home to keep me financially stable. Now I’ve just recently relocated back to Utah(cost of living extremely less expensive than Calif)to stay in mother’s condo. My future concerns for myself is what type of training I will need to learn to work in the home when she needs more undivided attention and I still need to financially support myself. Im looking for great ideas from others. So long story short…I am ready to take on this challenge in being the Family Care Manager for my mother until I can no longer mentally handle the tasks. Be blessed and encouraged!

    Robyn, Utah


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