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FMLA(3)The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) turns 20 in February and The National Partnership for Women and Children wants to hear your stories. How has the FMLA benefited you? Have you taken leave to care for your caree? Or have you been unable to afford the unpaid leave the law provides?

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    I didnt finish my comment hit the wrong button, The TEST for me is when I see hime go downhill in front of my eyes, I dont want him to know all he gets so upset about every little things, but its hard sitting in the night hoping he breathing will be better by morning, he signed a DNR today, I hard to see your love one go donwhill he used to be a store mag now he cant even manage simple tasks without getting ocnfused, I have hospice come twice a week and a sitter on wednesday to go out and try to connect with theoutside world, It upset me when everypne said if there anything I can do let me know But how do you try to call @2am in the morning while you sit when him after you given him more medicen then you like just to see if he breath till morning then be so tired the next day you are upset with him, he on his final stages of congestive heart failure, I been getting ready But are you truly really ready, The strenght it takes to do this is beyond my wildess dreams, We been married 40 years this year I doubt he makes it to his brithday in March, we gave things away last month to his daughter, just hoping I can survie willow

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    I have been on an intermittent flam for work since caring for my husband in august and it has worked out great any time I need to take time off for him I can only thing if I have no vacation time I don’t get paid


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